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Instagram media by tropical.filters - ↠ Selfie Filter! ↠ Looks Best With - Any skin tone and any photo not just selfies. ↠ Theming - 7/10 ↠ QOTD - Which celebrity/youtuber do you think takes the best selfies?


••• free filter❕dark & kinda tumblr that looks good for almost all pics, best for grey and simple pics but it also works for a feed — if you want the paid filters for free (use the link on my bio) !!!!


#gorgeousfilterp5 Paid or Free: Free Filter! Feed Meter: 8/10 Comment "" if you like/use this filter P5 is free on vscocam ☺ Tips: best with blue pics


••• Free filter;❕tinted / dark filteer it works for anything & is great for theming!!! if u want a shade / unsaturated feed this is hella good for u! — check the link in my bio to get all the paid filters for free


Instagram media by vscofiltrs - #filtrsG3 free filter❕this looks really good on simple & colorful pictures, it's also really nice for a feed. buuuuut, this looks really bad on selfies tbh so I wouldn't recommend it for that — thank you so much for 53k!!! — also, you can get all the paid filters for free with the link in my bio. more info on @vscofiltrsbackup