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NEW! Install AdBlock STOP Unrelenting Adverts iOS 10 / 9 NO jailbreak iD...

Pop-up ads are the most intrusive kind of adverts. Downloading heavy web-pages takes enough data: you don't need the additional cost of paying to load up an ad man's marketing message. Sometimes it is a bit disturbing while browsing with a small screen of your phone. SUBSCRIBE Now: Fortunately for Android users there is no reason to suffer from pop-ups on your mobile. And here we suggest three straightforward ways to stop pop-ups…

Apple pulls the plug on in-app ad-blockers: The company doesn't want apps installing root certificates on your iPhone for security reasons.

Ad-blocking software on web pages is increasingly freely available and easy to install. That’s a big threat to web publishers, says Simon Wilson.

Mozilla’s popular Adblock Plus plugin is believed to be loaded with bugs, eventually leading to massive memory consumption of PC. There are 19 million users on Firefox alone who use AdBlock Plus plugin.