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Skinit Protective Skin for iPhone 4G, iPhone 4GS, iPhone (NHL BOSTON BRUINS) by SkinIt Wireless Contract. Save 20 Off!. $11.99. Protect your smartphone in style with this Skinit® NHL® iPhone® 4 skin. It boasts a 3M® vinyl construction for easy application and residue-free removal. Designed to perfectly fit the unique contour of the device, its low-profile design ensures zero interference with chargers and other accessories.


10167 - Weld-On 725 Wet/Dry PVC Glue Plastic Pipe Cement 1/2 Pint by IPS. $5.88. 10167 - Weld-On 725 Wet/Dry PVC Glue Plastic Pipe Cement 1/2 Pint (IPS Corporation) Weld-On 725 "WET 'R DRY" AQUA BLUE: Medium bodied, extremely fast setting, low VOC PVC cement for all classes and schedules with interference fit through 6" (160 mm) diameter, Schedule 80 through 4" (110 mm) diameter. Premium formula for wet conditions and/or quick pressurization. Suitable for irrigation, plumbing, an...

Here's a simple frame modification I came up with that allows a standard Hoffman frame (British National deep, 35 mm spacing) to be used in a KTBH. Fits the 'standard' KTBH dimensions as given on the BB site, leaving an 8 mm B/S on either side. Serendipity. Bottom bars can be removed by simply pulling out a couple of interference-fit panel-pins, if desired.


Maya Alam, “Interference Fit Canyon” The Imbalancing Act of Entropic Architecture


AMPRO T73916 Front Hub Remover/Installer Set Universal design for pulling off front hubs and aligning interference fit spline half shafts during installation. Removes and installs front hubs during CV joint replacement, transaxle and wheel bearing servicing without damaging wheel bearings. Additional locknut enables the use of a standard slide hammer puller for removal of rear axle flanges.

HotWheels Display Shelf - by lysdexic @ ~ woodworking community


Bamboo Mallets by sossol -- I saw a bamboo rolling pin at TJMaxx and thought it would make for some neat mallets. It was long enough to make four, but I've only done two so far. The first one is pretty straightforward. I drilled and chiseled a tapered mortise in the head to accept the tapered end of the handle, which was a Cuisinart bamboo spatula. I left the label there as a lark. The handle is an interference fit - no fasteners. The rounded lip of the mortise was to call attention to...

1 Its main function is to ensure that the fuel flow to provide adequate and evenly distributed to the injector of each cylinder, while achieving the installation of the injector and the connector.

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Melling High-Volume Oil Pumps M84AHV

The Nick Tip for installing the oil pump pick up tube is what I learned is there's about .003-.005" interference fit do it helps to heat up the pump housing to remove old then put pickup in freezer overnight along with heating pump up in a vice with a heat gun to about 175-200 F then put some gloves on and drive it home. Drag Race Car Parts and Accessories - Melling High-Volume Oil Pumps M84AHV, $55.76 (