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Internal Revenue Phone Number


A Real-Life Tax Scam: This Is What IRS Phone Fraud Sounds Like

The Internal Revenue Service says the number of IRS-related phone scams is on the rise. I RECEIVED THIS EXACT CALL SO PLEASE READ AND DO NOT PAY IF YOU GET THIS CALL.


call them when you get a fraud call that you owe money! Take down the incoming phone number,. Internal Revenue Service

The Internal Revenue Service recently warned taxpayers to stay vigilant against an increase of IRS impersonation scams in the form of automated calls and new tactics from scammers demanding tax payments on iTunes and other gift cards.

Tax Scams - The IRS is warning people to not fall for tax scams. Educate yourself on this topic with this video from the IRS or by going to the IRS website (they tell at the end of the video how to find the info on their website). If you get a scam call you can report the scam. I got a call from 415-234-0491, Officer Nikki Johnson, North San Francisco/Bay Area. They use phone numbers and names from across the nation to scam people out of their money. Don’t fall for it.

Who called from scam phone number 8664220445? Comments & Reviews. ILHAM 866 422 0445 CR MEXICO DF. GOT HIT FOR $50.20 ON ONE OF MY card, Bil...

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LISTEN: Here’s what actual IRS scam phone call sounds like…

IRS Warning: DO NOT answer if this number is calling you 202-609-7070 (08-29-14 jfb)