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More reasons to choose #Canada as your home away from home I do not talk about Canada because I work for the government of Canada. I have never done so unless you think paying taxes here means I work for the government of Canada. Canadians are gentle and compassionate. There is hardly any race issues here. A bit but minimal. Canada is a very genorous country. You will never hear about how much money they give to other countries. You will never hear about their peace work. You will never…

#HumanRights: Open letter to Hon. Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of #Canada Martha Leah Nangalama New Brunswick Canada Twitter: @mlnangalama Email: November 19 2016 ------------ Prime Minister of Canada Hon. Justin Trudeau Hill Office House of Commons Ottawa Ontario Canada K1A 0A6 Dear Hon. Justin Trudeau Re: Why does Canada send money to Uganda? ----------- With a broken heart I ask the question because Canada's continued support of the military fascist…

I am an international student studying in the US. I have a little under 2 years left but I would have to abandon my degree in April. Please help me so I could avoid going home without a degree and my family in debt. Those who did not use their lives savings, took out loans. They are all out of funding and it is all because of me and I won't even have a degree to show for it. Help me make them proud. Thank You.

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International student loans for usa

International student loans for usa

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Student Loans For International Students

Students coming to the United States without being fully financed by their families over seas are potentially in for a very rough ride when it comes to taking on massive student debt. Unlike with domestic U.S. students, international students may have a much more difficult time receiving loan funding. Find out what you can do to get around it!

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Where to get a free college degree

This European country is offering Americans and other international students a free college education


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