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How I Got Hired in an International School

One snowy evening, Alyssha Swanson began researching international schools. Two weeks later, she accepted a teaching position in Spain. Read her story.  

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How to Teach Around the World- a guide to teaching overseas

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What to Pack for International Teaching Jobs

What to Pack for International Teaching Jobs #travel #packing #tips via

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ESL Teacher Salaries: 9 Countries Where You'll Make Bank

ESL TEACHER SALARIES: 9 COUNTRIES WHERE YOU'LL MAKE BANK: "Stop me if you've heard this before: nobody teaches English abroad for the money, right? Actually...wrong. Although teaching English overseas will never get you on a list of world billionaires, it can come with a reasonable salary. More and more college graduates are turning to teaching when they struggle to find jobs in their home countries, and they're managing to make a decent living doing it."

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Simple Steps to Leave Teaching for a Business Job and Career

Are you leaving teaching for a corporate or business job and career? If you are, you need a strong strategy to get results.when changing careers there are certain steps you should take to ensure a seamless transition.

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Live the Dream: How to Start Teaching English in Europe

Ever thought about becoming an English teacher in Europe? Here are some tips to get started.

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How to land a job teaching English in Europe

All the information you need on how to find work teaching English in Europe and kickstart your travels around this amazing continent!

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Why We Quit Our Jobs & Gave Up a 6 Figure Income to Teach English in China

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Tough Interview Questions for Teachers

There are some of the top teaching interview questions and sample responses to prepare for your teacher job interview. Also questions to ask the interviewer.

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Creating a Teaching Portfolio for Job Interviews

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