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Interracial Marriage

Sooo awesome if there was another interracial Disney couple. I can only remember Pocahontas and Esmerelda's love stories being interracial, can't remember any more...

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Elegant Farm Wedding in Kentucky by Susan Stripling Photography

I Wrap My Ares Around Her Waist And Kiss Her Shoulder. The Smell Of Her Perfume And Her Essence Captivate Me Like No Other Woman. When He Wraps His Arms Around Me And His Lips Kiss My Shoulder, The Way He Makes Me Feel Lets Me Know How Much I Love My Man!


Mildred & Richard Loving were arrested for breaking Virginia's law against interracial marriage. Their landmark Supreme Court case, Loving v. Virginia legalized interracial marriage in the U.S. It's neat how their name was Loving and how they advocated love and marriage between the races.

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First Interracial Marriage: Frederick Douglass & Helen Pitts ~ Married in 1884

“Love came to me, and I was not afraid to marry the man I loved because of his color" - Helen Pitts. “This proves I am impartial. My first wife was the color of my mother and the second, the color of my father” - Frederick Douglass 1882


The First Interracial Marriage in Mississippi since 1890 -- in 1970. "Newlyweds Berta and Roger Mills, shown here on their wedding day 8/2/70, are currently living in a modest Jackson, MS apartment. They were married after a legal fight against the state law prohibiting interracial marriage".