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The Johari Window is a communication model that can be used to improve understanding between individuals. In this Johari model, each person is represented by their own four-quadrant, or four-pane, window. Each of these contains and represents personal information - feelings, motivation - about the person, and shows whether the information is known or not known by themselves or other people.

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Facing My Blind Spot: A Story Of Becoming Self-Aware

Thinking of expressing an interpersonal communication theory with an intrapersonal perspective and I need this. :) *Jahari Window*

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Identifying and Expressing Feelings – NVC Week 4


This 4-step feedback model is useful when the purpose is to give a performer your assessment of a specific situation, event or task. The model can also be used if the purpose is corrective actions. However remember that all good feedback require a trustful relationship between the feedback receiver and the feedback giver and that feedback must alway be given with good intentions.

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Intrapersonal Communication Powerpoint

This is a fun, engaging lesson for teaching INTRAPERSONAL COMMUNICATION that your students will be sure to enjoy! Activity contains: * EDITABLE 42-slide powerpoint * 2 entertaining video examples * 25 Illustrated definitions that can be printed for adorable word wall posters *Classroom assignment *Personality test