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Remember, you are always good enough. You have intrinsic value that can never be taken away from you by anyone including yourself _ Laura Houssain

Quotes about Gold and silver, like other commodities, have an intrinsic value, which... #DavidRicardo with images background, share as cover photos, profile pictures on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram or HD wallpaper - Best quotes

The mere act of being an existing human on this gorgeous planet has so much more intrinsic value than can possibly be imagined, yet you continue to allow your existence to be defined by whether or not some jackass values your heart. That is a fucking travesty. If his love is the only thing in your life that you care about, you deserve neither. Take a deep breath, look at all the beauty surrounding you, and start living again. -Samuel Decker Thompson

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Watch it!! I was a little unsure in the first few seconds but this was too good not to pin!! - Building Self Esteem and Spotting Codependency -- Intrinsic Value

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Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value: zero.

Why we shouldn't measure the value of everything in months of progress in English and Maths: News of funding for an EEF evaluation of cultural learning prompted debate today about the intrinsic versus instrumental value of such activities.