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Waldorf ~ 6th grade ~ Introduction to Physics ~ Heat, Light and Sound ~ homeschool curriculum sample

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In this Real-Life math lesson students will interpret graphs to find the story that the graph is telling and then make their own graph and story us...

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Introduction to Physical and Chemical Changes Worksheet

This Introduction to Physical and Chemical Changes Worksheet was designed for middle school students just learning about chemical and physical changes. This double-sided worksheet features a helpful overview at the top, which students can refer back to while they’re working if they need help. There are six true or false questions, and 19 questions that require students to determine if the example given is a physical or chemical change. $

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Inertia towers prepared for activity-introduction to Newton’s First Law, otherwise known as the Law of Inertia

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A Simple Heat Experiment

What happens to the drop of food coloring? Does the food coloring behave the same in each of the jars? Why or why not? What is different about the jars? What can you say about the relationship between heat and the movement of molecules? {for older kids}

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Pencil Catapult. 7 pencils, 7 rubber bands, 1 spoon. Use a marshmallow to test it out! As an introduction to physics, I had my students make and test their own.

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Check out our flipped classroom animated math lesson on finding and using slope! This lesson is perfect for students with a visual learning preference and is aligned with the common core learning standards for Algebra I. You can access all of our video lessons at!

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Regions Introduction Lapbook Unit with Informational text {Five Regions}

An introduction to the five regions of the United States: why we have regions, the characteristics of regions, physical features, human features, climate, natural resources, and culture. Includes mini-lapbook and informational text. Find out here:

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