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The Virgo. Generous, intelligent, compassionate, introverted, modest, responsible, passive, altruistic, sensitive, wise, intuitive, inquisitive, reliable, tactful, patient, knowledgable, hard-working, gentle, eloquent, surgical, studious, analytical, insightful, perceptive, ambitious, obsessive/compulsive, fussy, worried, stubborn, petty, defensive.


Medtronic, Intuitive Surgical Lead U.S. Surgical Navigation and Robotics Systems Market Driven by Replacement Sales -

Intuitive Surgical stock sinks.

Intuitive Surgical, Inc.: Reason to be Bullish on ISRG Stock Buz Traders Bullish on ISRG Stock I am bullish on Intuitive Surgical, Inc.(NASDAQ:ISRG) stock because the ISRG stock chart is so compelling, strategic, and defined that it almost feels like child’s play. I have gotten great enjoyment working with the scaling and patterns with my favorite tool, the price chart. For years now, I have used charts as my go-to tool to analyze a stock, and I have had some great successes doing so…