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Soviet invasion of Poland was a Soviet military operation that started without a formal declaration of war on 17 September 1939, during the early stages of WWII. 16 days after Nazi Germany invaded Poland from the West, the Soviet Union did so from the East. The invasion ended on 6 October 1939 with the division and annexing of the whole of the 2nd Polish Republic by Germany and The USSR.


Germans in Front of a Radio Store in Berlin Listen to News of the Invasion of Poland (September 1, 1939) British-French offensive failed to materialize and Poland had been conquered within four weeks, Hitler regained his standing among Germans and was more popular than ever.


This Day in History marks the invasion of Poland and the start of World War II. Continue reading →


Following the German invasion of Poland, most of Europe is uneasy. Two Dutch soldiers are mobilized near Venlo prior to the German invasion of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France (codename: Fall Gelb, "Case Yellow") on 10 May 1940. Venlo, Limburg, Netherlands. September 1939.

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World War II: Women at War

Steel-helmeted, uniformed Polish women march through the streets of Warsaw to aid in defense of their capital after German troops had started their invasion of Poland, on September 16, 1939. (AP Photo) #

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World War II: The Invasion of Poland and the Winter War

A young Polish boy returns to what was his home and squats among the ruins during a pause in the German air raids on Warsaw, Poland, in September of 1939. German attacks lasted until Warsaw surrendered on September 28. One week later, the last of the Polish forces capitulated near Lublin, giving full control of Poland to Germany and the Soviet Union. (AP Photo/Julien Bryan)

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World War II: The Invasion of Poland and the Winter War

Soldiers of the SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Division, resting in a ditch alongside a road on the way to Pabianice, during the invasion of Poland in 1939.