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Thanksgiving Turkey Properties of Addition Task Cards

Thanksgiving Turkey Properties of Addition Task Cards So many thanks to give to those around me this year. I wanted to share a little freebie with you all to review those properties of addition . These task cards are a simple tool to laminate and use in the classroom during small group math time. Students look at the problem on the turkey's sign and then either use a clothespin or any type of marker to find the problems that match the same inverse commutative or identity math problem. Head…

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Addition of Positive and Negative Real Number

Positive and Negative numbers are added using both the vertical and horizontal number lines; the rules of addition in algebra are introduced, as well, and students apply these rules to calculations. Properties (Closure for addition, commutative, associative, Identity, and inverse) are presented with a discussion as to how these properties relate to operations of addition.


2nd Grade Math Test PrepStation 2: Addition and Subtraction - AWESOME!!! Skills included: 2 and 3-Digit Addition with & without regrouping, 3-Digit Subtraction with & without regrouping, Finding the value of the unknown (box), Fact Families-1-Digit using Dominoes, Fact Families-2-Digit using Hundreds Grid, Inverse Operation, Equal Equations, Word Problems - Single and Multi-Step, Basic Properties of Addition, Benchmark Numbers


FREE This PowerPoint slide will allow your students to match up the number properties and an example. For instance: They will have one square that says COMMUTATIVE PROPERTY OF ADDITION which they would have to match with the numerical example: 3 + (-5) = -5 + 3. This game includes the Associative Properties, Commutative Properties, Identity Property, Zero Properties, and Additive Inverse Property. I used this game as an entry in my students' interactive math journal.

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Equation and Property Vocabulary- Bingo, sorts, and matching cards



Algebraic Properties You Should Know You can use a number of properties when working with linear algebraic expressions, including the commutative, associative, and distributive properties of addition and multiplication, as well as identities and inverses in addition and multiplication:


A+product+to+help+your+students+learn+about+fact+families+and+the+inverse+properties+of+addition+and+subtraction!+ Great+for+Related+Facts,+Fact+Fa...


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