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Inverse Property Of Multiplication


Properties of Operations & Algebraic Expressions

Summarize: Commutative: the ORDER in which you add or multiply numbers doesn't matter. Associative: how you GROUP the numbers when you add or multiply doesn't matter. Same kid friendly meanings for identity (how the number still sees itself in the mirror), inverse (opposite and upside down), and distributive (break a number apart).


@Shannonpb2 this is perfect for you since you have an addiction to flip flops lol Addition Strategies

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Name that property: an open ended identification activity

Need a higher level property activity for your students? Name that property is deceptively difficult and will make your students think about the properties and really piece together what each property means. This activity has helped my Algebra students look at properties in a deeper way.

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Inverse Property of Multiplication Math Poster

Inverse Property of Multiplication (Multiplicative Inverse) Math Poster

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Equations and Inequalities Interactive Notebook 6th Grade

Equations and Inequalities Interactive Notebook: This is a set interactive notebook pages for equations and inequalities that addresses standards 6.EE.2a, 6.EE.2b, 6.EE.3, 6.EE.5, 6.EE.6, 6.EE.7, and 6.EE.8.Students will:* Define, identify, and use inverse operations* Write their own equations and identify the inverse operations needed to solve them* Define and identify the addition and multiplication properties (associative, commutative, distributive, etc.)* Write expressions from verbal…


Illuminations: All About Multiplication-In this unit, students explore several meanings and representations of multiplication (number line, equal sets, arrays, and balanced equations). They also learn about the order (commutative) property of multiplication, the results of multiplying by 1 and by 0, and the inverse property of multiplication. In addition, students write story problems in which the operation of multiplication is required.