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An ion-exchange resin or ion-exchange polymer[1] is an insoluble matrix (or support structure) normally in the form of small (0.5-1 mm diameter) beads, usually white or yellowish, fabricated from an organic polymer substrate.

strong acid chemicals ion exchange resin for industrial water treatment---contact information: Address: B-11-17, No.9, Xiaoqiang Road, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China Tel:+86(0)351-3343081/3343082 Fax:+86-(0)351-3343281

Use of Ion Exchange Resins in Water Purification Systems - by


Purolite A500 Radioactive elements extraction anion ion exchange resin

#AXEON 2 - 9x48 / 1.3 - 8.0 GPM #Meter #Twin #Water #Softener #Systems use advanced ion exchange resin technology in order to meet the most demanding water conditions.

Sunresin is the first enterprise in China Ion exchange Resin Industry to be listed in stock market

Coway Humidifier MHS-E5010 by Coway. $85.98. Nano-sliver coated antibacterial ceramic filter prevent bacteria growth. Sterilized humidification. Detachable nano-silver antibacterial tray for easy cleaning. Operating time up to 12 hours, 1 year warranty. Ion exchange resin and iodine filter for clean water. Coway MHS-E5010 has 4-step safe humidification system. Coway is one of the leading manufacturers of environment related electronic products in the world. 1st ste...

Cefpodoxime proxetil (CFPD PRXL) is broad spectrum, third generation cephalosporin; antibiotic. It is extremely bitter taste resulting in poor patient compliance. The aim of the present work was to prepare drug resin complex (DRC) using ion exchange resin (Kyron T-114) for taste masking and formulate oral reconstitutable suspension of DRC.

離子交換樹脂(Ion-exchange Resin),又名離子交換高分子化合物(Ion-exchange Polymer),是一種利用了固定的高分子化合物來達成離子交換的物質。雖然IUPAC強烈建議不要使用「離子交換樹脂」這個名字去替代「離子交換高分子化合物」[1],但市面上的商...