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3 iPhone Camera Shortcuts You Never Knew

3 iPhone Camera Shortcuts You Never Knew: To get all those great Instagram pics, you gotta start somewhere. Master your iPhone's camera feature by remembering these easy shortcuts. Source: Flickr user danicuki


Using Olloclip is easy! Slide it on over your iPhone's rear camera lens and you're ready to take amazing photos and videos. The fisheye lens captures a nearly 180 degree field-of-view. The wide-angle lens doubles the field of view of the iPhone camera. Finally, the macro lens lets you focus the iPhone within 12-15mm of your subject and applies roughly a 10X multiplier.


Sony Officially Debuts Two Revolutionary Lens-Style Cameras for your Smartphone

Sony Lens for iPhone Both lens-style models will arrive on store shelves later this month. The more-capable QX100 will run you $500, while the more-portable QX10 will only set you back $250. You can already pre-order both the QX100 and QX10 at B&H Photo by following the corresponding links.


7 Useful iPhone Camera Tips and Tricks

Apple Gets Patent For Inductive Charging Docking Station. there are cases and adaptors to convert appliances to charge via induction but now apple are taking out patents to make it built in which could mean the next iphone could be wireless charging.


7 Things You Didn't Realize Your iPhone Camera Could Do


The best lens kits to make the most out of your iPhone's camera.

To find out which iPhone camera lens kit is best, we put six of them to the test, some of which include a case. Here are our top picks.