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“All Lives Matter” has always been a lie: The brutality of Hiroshima and Nagasaki echoes in Ferguson and Iraq today

Howard Zinn: “The American Empire has always been a bipartisan project” - In a 2008 essay, Zinn discusses what the classroom didn't teach him about American imperialism


Understanding Iraq Today (Hardcover)

For decades, the overland route between western Iraq and #Lebanon has been the busiest and most important passage for the transportation of #books and publications to #Iraq. Today, the route has fallen under control of the #IslamicState (IS), with fighters censoring #book shipments to prevent the entry of material and information they consider to be contrary to #Islam.


Losing Iraq

****Losing Iraq | FRONTLINE | PBS - A MUST SEE! How Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bremer had NO PLAN for the Insurgency, & ultimately, left the door open for Iraq-ISIS- today.

My wife is coming home from Iraq today. They sent her home after two months because they realized she's pregnant with our first child! #blessed


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Biblical prophet Ezekiel's tomb with rabbi caretakers in the Iraqi town of Kifl, not far from the ancient city of Babylon. Ezekiel prophesized the destruction of Jerusalem in 587 BCE and the exile to Babylon. Photo 1932. There aren't any Jews in Iraq today.


I can't tell you if the use of force in Iraq today will last five days, five weeks or five months, but it won't last any longer than that. / Donald Rumsfeld