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Irish Coffee San Francisco

The Buena Vista - San Francisco CA - located across from the cable car turn at Hyde & Beach - incredible views - this cafe oozes history - breakfast while the fog lifts - or sip Irish coffees as the fog settles - either way the quaint clang of the trolleys will make you feel like this is YOUR corner pub

from SFGate

Java the Irish way / 50 years ago, a new drink was born in an S.F. cafe


Irish Coffee from The Buena Vista Cafe: San Francisco : Food Network

Irish Coffee from The Buena Vista Cafe: San Francisco  : Pouring nearly 2,000 Irish Coffees each day, The Buena Vista Cafe reigns supreme as master of the cream-capped glass. From the tulip-shaped goblet to the cane-sugar cubes, each element of this time-honored recipe has been tested to achieve the perfect balance of fresh-brewed coffee, Irish whiskey and lightly whipped cream. If you think you hate coffee, you’ve clearly never had one of these.