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HEMMINGS <<<< he looks like a redhead in this

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List of Top 40 Most Popular Irish Baby Boy Names of 2012 (most recent data) in North Ireland. | Jack, James, Daniel, Harry, Charlie, Ethan, Matthew, Ryan, Riley, Noah, Adam, Jacob, Joshua, Jake, Oliver, Thomas, Conor, Dylan, Alfie, Mason, Michael, Oisín ("USH-een"), Aaron, Patrick, Tyler, Jamie, Lucas, Luke, Logan, Callum, Darragh, Max, Nathan, Shea, Caleb, Jude, Joseph, Ben, Corey, Ronan |

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nialler <3 :) @horan1416 @niallhoran @nhiofficial

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Irish naming patterns were very precise for about two centuries. Here's how you can use the patterns to find your Irish ancestors...

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He was a little off. He plastered papers all over the walls, scribbled on them, with his tongue caught between his teeth or his mouth always partway open. And she watched him spill his genius from the doorway.

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Ancient Celtic Image of intertwined dogs

I'm changing my name to scott! I don't care if it's a male name!

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