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A Perfect Partner For A Long Walk..

A Perfect Partner For A Long Walk.. Coldsteel is known for their tough cutlery.. But they also manufacture some specialty items.. including this Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick .. which is great to have in an emergency situation.. Based on the original Irish shillelaghs (which were outlawed during the British occupation).. but instead of being made from the Blackthorn bush.. this walking stick/war club is made from injection molded polypropylene.. which keeps if from cracking or…

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Irish Blackthorn Walking Sticks and Shillelaghs

Most popular Irish Walking Stick is the Blackthorn Irish Shillelagh.

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Aspen "Blessing" Hiking Stick: "May Brooks & Trees..."

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Antique Irish Blackthorn Shillelagh Walking Stick Cane Brass Parrot Top BrassTip

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Our Blackthorn Walking Stick is a handsome cane worthy of being a family heirloom. Blackthorn bushes are found throughout Ireland though with modern agricultural methods they are becoming less prevalent making a Blackthorn Stick even more unique . Blackthorn is renowned for its hardness being one of the tougher woods in the wild. It has been prized for centuries as a material primarily for premium walking sticks. The original Blackthorn sticks were 1 to 2 foot long Irish shillelaghs (the…

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