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handfasting. This is an Irish tradition that would be a neat way to incorporate J's Irish heritage. I'd just have to find something Italian to even things out ;)

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Wedding Traditions in Ireland

Handfasting is an ancient Ireland Celtic tradition, in which a man and woman came together at the start of their marriage relationship. Each partner holds the hands of the other, right hand to right hand, left hand to left, their wrists crossed. The ribbon is wound around the wrists over the top of one and under and around the other, creating the infinity symbol. The practice gave way to the expression “tying the knot”.

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From Ireland, With Love: Celtic Wedding Traditions Slideshow

Bells were thought to ward off evil spirits and were also used if the married couple had an argument. One of the newlyweds would ring the bell as a way to end the fight and make a truce, reminding them of their wedding vows.

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St Patrick’s day: 17 Irish wedding traditions for the 17th of March

One of our June brides Ariana (pictured above) rocked a two-piece wedding gown that was perfectly tailored to her taste and we could not have imagined her in anything more fitting! Ariana's wedding...