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Stop filtering your nutrients through an animal's body it's irrational, illogical, unnecessary, unsustainable and cruel - plants have got you covered for healthy cruelty-free calcium protein and iron . . • Be Just • Live Vegan • Educate Others - further resources • . ---➡ ⬅ ➡ ⬅ ➡ ⬅ ➡ ⬅ ➡ ⬅ ➡️ ⬅️ ➡️ ⬅️ ➡️... #vegan


In a water treatment system, the order of the individual systems often is very important to maximize the effectiveness of the whole system’s well water treatment. At Clean Water Systems, our Water Specialists receive a lot of questions regarding advice on this issue. A system installed to treat iron-rich water that is high in hardness, should be set up according to this schematic diagram. Read more…

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40 Easy DIYs That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Home

Air Conditioner Vent Reprinted by your favorite organizer on FB

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Pot Perm Plus Kp02N Greensand Iron Filter Regenerant, 28Oz (1.75 Pounds)

Pot Perm Plus Greensand Iron Filter Regenerant, Pounds)

By incorporating Old World detail and antique elements into this new home in Tanglewood, we were able to create an elegant design matching our client’s tastes. Arched top, woven grass window shades were used throughout the house to filter the generous natural light and also provide privacy to homeowners.  Faux painted finishes and warm, rich …


Look at all the light coming through the seamless combination of windows and doors. And the latterns really enhance the look.

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10 Uses for Coffee Filters

1. Prevent Rust Place a coffee filter inside a cast-iron skillet to absorb excess moisture when it's not in use.

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Glass Teapot with Iron Filter

Summer Glass Teapot with Iron Filter

Big Skies, A Dog & My Truck... and Whiskey Please