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Yes yes yes!! Oh my gosh the "poor me" act was so incredibly exhausting to deal with. Everyone was always out to get him, he did nothing wrong. ALL his ex's were psycho, abusive skanks etc... Give me a break! The lies were as endless as the ocean is deep

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Especially because of this essential problem. | 21 Ways "The Sims" Lied To You About Your Future Home

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Here are a batch of funny pictures that are pure coincidences.
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family betrayal quotes and sayings |Betrayal. / inspiring quotes and sayings – Juxtapost |

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Teach 3 types of irony: dramatic irony, verbal irony, & situational irony with storyboards! Teaching irony with has never been easier with irony examples.

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Weekend Goals: 1) Not leaving my bedroom, 2) Not leaving my house, 3) Not going to a party. My childhood punishments have become my adult goals.

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