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most people will understand, now i'm not as stressed and anxious as i was a few days ago because it doesn't look that weird cuz sweatpants unlike last year i guess....


So that rolling stone article... I personally think that it's fake. Arzaylea said she was never interviewed and Luke would NEVER say that. They didn't even talk about their music, just scandals. It's disgusting. Even the cover.... They white washed Calum, we r all talking about how the article and what's inside is wrong when the cover is worse lol.


Steve Irwin. The best friends the animals ever had and he used his money to buy up land and give it back to the Aborigines.


Irwin Stone - How Tos - Build Your Own Stone Wall - Stonewalls are a smart and relatively cheap way to add to a home's decorative and resale value - permanently. Unlike most home improvements, stonewalls are apt to look BETTER with age. Walls can be used along a home's street fronting, around a patio or to set off different garden levels. Quartzite, bluestone, sandstone and many other varieties are widely available in precut, lightweight sizes ...