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Is Bill Clinton Ill

Bernie or BUST. No Faux Feminist, Fracking, Monsanto Money Republican War Hawk hillary for this 63 yr. old STAUNCH Feminist since 1967. hillary brutally betrayed all women playing the Rich White Power Man's Game of Blame & Shame 20 Women ACCUSING bill clinton of Rape & sexual assault. While working as a MCSW 4 The Feds in 91-99, I WATCHED hillary LIE on National TV blaming bill's victims. She repeatedly SILENCED his accusers. TOO MANY WOMEN TO DENY.


President Bill Clinton was the unofficial black President until we got our own. Thank you President Obama and Mrs. Obama for 1. teaching us all to dream big dreams 2. for withstanding attacks from the Republicans and still remain calm, confident, and posed 3. for getting elected for a 2nd term.... On a scale of 1-10 How proud of the Obama's are you? A perfect 10!


...but her meeting with Bill was innocent, and Hillary has done no wrong, per Obama's FBI and DoJ. Yes, Virginia, Democrats really are that stupid.