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Is Ee Down

This woman is amazing! She breaks everything down and does her meal planning very similar to how I do my meal planning!


Link takes a long time to load, no printables. On right side of page: Wish spell. Take a small piece of paper; upon it, in liquid ink; write down your wish, in detail; over the mosy important words of your wish; drop your favorite color candles wax; while the wax is still warm; into it press a piece of your hair; fold the paper in half; and in half again; while chanting the spell.


Sandfall in Arizona. One, sometimes spectacular, form of a sandfall is superficially similar to waterfalls and may be found under dry, desert conditions or in submarine conditions. The sand either falls vertically over suitable drops or cascades down hard slopes. Sandfalls are found in sandstone canyons such as Antelope Canyon.


Petitgrain EO is my new FAVORITE! This blend smells just like walking through a blooming citrus orchard. Sooo lovely. Although, unless you have a diffuser with a large tank I'd probably take it down to 2,2,1,1,1. This was very heavily scented for my 150ml diffuser. But that's actually ok with me, bc It smells HEAVENLY!


2/18/2014; Rachel Tessman at 'Stamp Your Art Out!' blog; Wetlands stamp set; background is made by using painter's tape: place a strip of tape sticky side down on a stamp pad to ink it up. Then lay it on the card stock.