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Why do people have ReLEx SMILE surgery? SMILE is flapless. No flap means i. No complications ii. No weak cornea iii. Less Dry eye iv. Less nerves are cut v. No Pain vi. Safe As the number of corneal nerves affected during the procedure is far lower than that in LASIK, the resulting dry eye symptoms are significantly lesser in patients undergoing ReLEx SMILE. #Lotus #ReLEx_SMILE #Advanced_Lasik #EyeSurgery #EyeTreatment

Is ReLEx SMILE a permanent solution? ReLEx SMILE procedure is highly accurate and highly predictable and safe. There is no tissue distortion. When compared to LASIK, ReLEx SMILE results are better. #Lotus #ReLEx_SMILE #Advanced_Lasik #EyeSurgery

How To Improve Eyesight Without Glasses. Good eye exercises for tired, strained eyes from hours of computer screen time. I've done some of these exercises for years. It's time for me to do ALL of these!


Everything You Need To Know About SMILE Eye Surgery   LASIK has been the go-to procedure for corneal correction for many years. It is a safe and simple procedure that uses a tiny metal blade to incise a very small flap of corneal tissue, which is then folded back to allow your ophthalmologist access to…


Lotus Eye Hospital & Institute has experts of ReLEx SMILE treatment in Tamilnadu,Kerala, India. ReLEx SMILE is entirely laser controlled, it is done in a few minutes - precise, safe and comfortable.ReLEx SMILE is an innovative treatment technique for precise and sensitive treatment of vision defects. #ReLEx_SMILE #vision_correction #advanced_Lasik