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Mercury in retrograde. Feeling your feelings is an important tool for greater self love, increased peace, happiness, confidence and joy. Download a powerful meditation for deep emotional healing at Learning how to meditate will change your life.

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Mercury Just Retrograded All Over Me | T-Shirt

Mercury Just Retrograded All Over Me. This shirt is absolutely perfect for all of those people that get terribly affected by Mercury in Retrograde, which is an astrological event that breaks down communications here on Earth. So funny! #mercuryinretrograde

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Mercury retrograde is *probably* messing up your life right now - here's what you need to know

So WTF is mercury retrograde and how can you stop it making everything awful? Find out:

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Want: A Sweatshirt That Acknowledges When Mercury Is In F—ing Retrograde


S U N D A Y V I B E S White Sage is a very sacred and powerful plant. It has been used since ancient times by shaman medicine men and healers. Today it is the most popular herb used for Smudging. In smudging the smoke gathers negativity and dispels it while bringing in the positive. It aids in healing physical emotional spiritual and mental imbalances. This works on the body as well as in the home. #smudge #cleanse #purify #sundaze #organize