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The point where Islamic and Christian architecture meet.. #photography #europe #middleeast #turkey #istanbul #hagiasophia #basilica #church #mosque #museum #travel

Do You Know Best Tourist Attractions Of Cairo Egypt? Cairo has many touristic sites from the Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum, Coptic Museum, Islamic Museum, Old Mosques, Old Churches, Slums of Cairo , Down town ,local café, Bazaars and more you can enjoy it during your tour in Cairo. For more details read full blog.


Sinning With Islam - Churches that invite islam into their churches are violating God's law and are 'useful idiots' of the religion of peace nonsense. (3:46 mins)

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Top 5 museums to visit in Old Istanbul. Basic information about Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Chora Church, Turkish&Islamic Art Museum and Istanbul Archeology Museums.

Disgraced is revolved around religion. And only the Islam culture. It effected each and everyone's life either in a good way or bad. Amir had a very negative effect towards it and always got aggressive towards the subject. Islam changed people's lives for the best or the worse.