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Krav Maga basics. You never know when Israeli military self defense techniques will come in handy. Hopefully never.

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Israeli Martial Arts: Krav Maga As A Post SHTF Self Defense Technique - From Desk Jockey To Survival Junkie

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I personally do care about the spiritual side of martial arts... But I am with this post about people who intend to hurt me or my family.

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This is what a REAL KRAV MAGA MASTER looks like----Awesome! Cannot wait to be able to do some of these moves.

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Israeli krav maga is the official self-defense system of the Israel Defense Forces. Krav maga training shares the same principles for civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel alike to deliver them from harm's way. Goals however, are different fo

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How to Avoid Trouble Using Self Defense

Mastering Krav Maga (Volume I) 6 DVD Set -- Self-Defense (Beginner to Advanced): David Kahn, Mike Delahanty, Rinaldo Rossi, Don Melnick, Pat Smullen, Jason Bleitstein, David Ordini, Chris Eckel, George Foster, Avital Zeisler: Movies & TV

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Mastering Krav Maga Self Defense (Vol. II) 5 DVD Set (400 minutes) -- Impact & Edged Weapon Defenses (Beginner to Expert) by David Kahn

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Krav Maga: A Primer on the Martial Art of the Israeli Defense Forces

A Primer on Krav Maga: The Combative System of the Israeli Defense Forces (via @Art of Manliness)

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This is what a REAL KRAV MAGA MASTER looks like! - YouTube Yea, this guy is a badass! Check it out!

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