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It Conquered the World (American International, 1956). Autographed Insert (14" X 36"). An alien creature from Venus visits Earth with the intention of eliminating emotions in humans and taking over the world, and it enlists the help of a disillusioned scientist played by Lee Van Cleef. This Roger Corman horror classic also stars Peter Graves and Beverly Garland.

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Garbage Bread

GARBAGE BREAD!! This is a simple recipe that can be adapted SO many ways! Bacon Cheeseburger Garbage Bread is our favorite, but throw your leftovers in a pizza crust and roll it up! The possibilities are endless.


It's hard to believe that a wooden tub with canvas sails conquered the world. Without a motor, without GPS, without any signs or landmarks, with only the wind to power it and the stars to guide it.


Afonso de Albuquerque(1453–1515) was considered a world conquest military genius,given his successful strategy: he attempted to close all the Indian Ocean naval passages to the Atlantic,Red Sea,Persian Gulf, and to the Pacific, transforming it into a Portuguese mare clausum established over the Ottoman power and their Muslim and Hindu allies. He was one of the first to commission secure trading relations with China, also establishing or improving commercial trades with Siam,Ethiopia, and…


In the 6th century Ctesiphon was one of the largest city in the world and one of the great cities of ancient Mesopotamia. Because of its importance, Ctesiphon was a major military objective for the Roman Empire and was captured by Rome, and later the Byzantine Empire, five times. Located in Iraq, the only visible remain today is the great arch Taq-i Kisra

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10 of the world's most eccentric lighthouses

Rising from a precarious chunk of sea rock off the coast of Andros, Greece, the Tourlitis Lighthouse is so whimsical and surreal that it almost looks Photoshopped.


How to Spend a Perfect 48 Hours in Mexico City

With painting-packed museums, lively craft markets, colonial architecture, and inventive restaurants, Mexico City is one of the most exciting cities in the world. And believe it or not, with a little careful planning and a comfy pair of shoes, travelers can cover it all in a weekend.


The Ishtar Gate or Lions Gate of Ancient Babylon, one of the best preserved ancient artifact in the world, at the Pergamon Museum, Berlin.

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Castle of Knights - Malbork, Poland in Photos

Another thing to surprise us about this area of northern Poland: it is home to the largest castle in the world (by surface area). The Malbork Castle was built by the Teutonic Knights and completed in 1406 after the conquest of Old Prussia. It is a dominating presence on the banks of the Nogat river, having been expanded several times to house the number of knights who resided there and soon became the largest fortified Gothic building in Europe. Click the photo to continue reading.