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Officially going to start trying to learn how to play the guitar 😊 it's going to be hard though because my fingers are weirdddd haha, like when I put my left pinky down my other finger goes down with it... Does this happen to anyone else?!

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Beer Bacon Cheese Dip

This Beer Bacon and Cheese Dip Recipe from Bread Booze Bacon is the ULTIMATE party appetizer! It is rich, creamy and goes perfectly with pretzels, chips and just about anything else you like to dip!


It goes like this: You are wonderful beings. You are blessed beings. You are deserving of Well-being. Well-being is on its way to you. Chill out and let it in. Abraham-Hicks Quotes (AHQ2640) #wellbeing


Susan Boyle - Hallelujah next to bobby andonvo this is my favorite version of this song which is one of the most beautiful songs ever written