A piece of a #poem I wrote on #aging that was included in audio form inside one of my #assemblage boxes. It was written as a fun, indirect poetic plea to my partner of 10 years, who ironically became my #ex a few weeks after this work was completed and featured in Frankfurt. What an emotional journey we each have in life... But no matter the wrinkles, the aches, or the breakdowns, our home is always inside us. And that home is a forever child. Ageless and Forever Enough. So find your…

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Breathe..what you are experiencing now will not be the same in a matter of seconds. Bring awareness to it, Acknowledge it, take a deep breath. As you inhale and exhale close your eyes and allow your breath to guide you further and further away from the attachments that are weighing you down. Know that the divine order is taking place, it was written and settled before now and all will be well. You have a choice, do not hold on. Let it go, Let it be. ~ Namitzi #breathe #yoga #inspiration…

Living as one in marriage starts with well ordered priorities. Many understand what good priorities are (God first, then spouse, then kids, then everything else), but we can live contrary to that understanding. How we live reflects true priorities. This quote is as relevant today as the day it was written; let's walk through it. ➖ 1) "Prefer the person before money." How is your work/family balance? If you or your spouse is working so much that it takes away from family time, adjustment is…

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I just look at the question and cringed. Im only pinning this because the initial picture is funny.

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By no means random. Every part of my life thoroughly planned and written before there was even one day. In the heart of God. So beautiful. And more beautiful every day. How can it be!??

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This pain, the failures, it's written way before we were born. But every single living is created with purpose, so fret not on what's coming.

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