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It Works! Greens chews


It Works Greens Chews Each serving (2 chews) is equal to 20 CARTONS of blueberries!!


Got a sweet tooth?? It Works Greens Chews tastes just like a Starburst minus the sugar, calories, and guilt. •38 herbs and superfoods! •8+ servings of your fruits and veggies •Prebiotic support which feeds the probiotics!


Wanna know the difference between these two delicious things?! One is a piece of candy that tastes amazing but isn't good for you...The other is a deliciously sweet blend of fruits and veggiespacked with a nutritional boost of prebiotic fiber support for healthy blood pressure levels and the antioxidant strength of 20 CARTONS OF BLUEBERRIES into every serving of a super soft chew. And want to know the best part!?! They taste the same!!! Want some Greens Chews in your life?…


While Greens Chews have some similar ingredients to Greens powder , these little guys are powered by their own unique blend of fruits, veggies, and fiber to boost your body’s free radical fighting defenses ! #Nutrition


It works Greens Chews! Healthy living! For about 1$ a day! or ask me about them on


It Works Greens Chews are our newest product in our GREENS lineup! Just two chews packs the punch of 20 cartons of blueberries! How's that for HEALTHY! AND they taste like candy! WIN! CLICK THE PIN FOR A DISCOUNT! :D


Greens chews!!! Healthyful snack in a convenient little chew!!! Awesomeness ★★★ #itworks


So yummy and oh so good for you!!! It Works Global!!! Https:// Visit my website and message me today to find out more about our wonderful products!!!


20 cartons of blueberries to the left vs 2️⃣ Green Chews on the right⁉️ YES, 2️⃣ of our It Works Green Chews = 20 cartons of blueberries ‼️ Your entire #family will be snacking their way to better #health with a deliciously sweet blend of fruits & veggies in a super soft chew‼️ ✅ Packed with antioxidants! ✅ Supports healthy nutrition & digestion with prebiotic dietary fiber! ✅ Boosts your body's natural defenses against free radical damage! ✅ Fueled by Pterostilbe