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Iud Information


A New Long-Lasting Birth Control Method Is Hitting The Market


This is not an ideal method of contraceptive since self control is the only thing to rely on. Description from I searched for this on


Mirena IUD Information – Side Effects, Birth Control Uses & Lawsuits - IUD's are being pushed on teens & women again.



You should be well informed when choosing your contraception method. Get the real answers about LAC – Long Acting Contraception! #IUS #IUD #implant #contraception #checklist #checklistday #doctorstalk

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The IUD revolution

The IUD revolution (published March 23, 2016) | includes info from a study in Colorado || informative!

IUD:The best method of contraception for teenagers would IUD health magazinehealth magazine - Healthmagazinehouse Will provide you with the most effective fitness tipsnatural beauty 'srecipeSolution for couple issuesTop nutrition articlesAnti-aging Careand Exclusive information about medicine of diseases. The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended IUD use among adolescents. The intrauterine device would be the best method of contraception to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies…