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Iud Problems

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Facts and Stats About Mirena Problems Infographic

What You Should Know About The Mirena IUD - A number of lawsuits have been filed by women who allege Bayer downplayed the seriousness of possible Mirena side effects.

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This Is How the IUD ACTUALLY Works

I'M DYING OF LAUGHTER OMG Here’s how IUDs ACTUALLY work: | No, The IUD Doesn’t Stop Small Children From Implanting


An intrauterine device is a small device that fits inside a woman’s uterus, and works by preventing fertilization of the egg. It is one of the most effective contraceptive methods and contains no hormones, which means it can be used even while breastfeeding. Complications may still arise when using an intrauterine device. These complications are best remembered using the acronym P-A-I-N-S (Period irregularities, abdominal pain and dyspareunia, infection, fever or chills and a missing…


I'm so sick of being told this. When I inquired about this, my then doctor told me, "You're so young. Your mother would kill me. What if you meet the man of your dreams and he wants kids?" I was so angry. So my body and decisions belong to my mother and future husband?? I'm the one who has to take care of my body now, and I would be the one taking care of a baby that I don't want if that misogynistic doctor had his own way. What a fool.


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copper toxicity and acne._ Really interesting read especially if you have a a Cooper iud, problems with acne, mood swings and or depression.