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Western Beacon on Dartmoor, England as seen from the town of Ivybridge in January 2010 (the extent of the snow cover is uncommon throughout the winter).


yannickscott: An assembly of spatio-temporal installation vessels, located in such a way to explore the disorientating inception of Ivybridge town centre[s]. Each installation purposefully amplifies the visual-spatial experience of the user through the use of multimedia documentation and transmission. Subsequently, a feedback network is established amongst each vessel and the central proposition, articulating a notion of integration through multi-locality. The proposition’s objective is to…


Submission Joseph Coulter Drawings from a 4-week intensive project in Ivybridge. Year 2; Project 1 ; Revealing Identity and Place Creating an urban landscape in the heart of Ivybridge, which provides a space to house material for an installation to celebrate papermaking and our individual and collective memory, whilst (re)establishing connections within the town itself.