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Although he survived the disaster, J. Bruce Ismay was absolutely destroyed by the American press, especially William Randolph Hearst (a reputed Anglophobe who disliked Ismay intensely after meeting him a few years earlier). Hearst labeled him “J. Brute Ismay”, “Coward of the Titanic”. Ismay was one of the few men who didn’t perish that night


Mrs. J. Bruce Ismay, wife of the director of the White Star Line which owned the Titantic. Her husband, largely blamed for the sinking, was shamed for leaving the Titantic in a lifeboat.


*TITANIC ~ Although not part of the crew, Joseph Bruce Ismay played a significant role in the Titanic disaster. It is believed that Ismay may have influenced Captain Smith to ignore the ice warnings and steam ahead at full speed. Many are convinced that if Ismay had not been aboard, Captain Smith would have been more cautious and taken the ice warnings more seriously.


Saloon Steward: Thomas Whiteley, 18, from London was a steward in the first class dining saloon. According to Encyclopedia Titanica, “Whiteley was left behind after the last boats had been launched but swam over to the upturned collapsible B” consequently placing him generally in the right time-frame and location.


*J.BRUCE ISMAY: In 1888, married Julia Florence Schieffelin of New York, the heiress to a pharmaceutical fortune. Upon the death of Ismay's father in 1899, Bruce gained control of the White Star Line but, within three yrs., was forced to sell to J.P. Morgan, although he remained as chairman. He was, therefore, the owner of R.M.S. Titanic + was on board during "the Night to Remember,":


J. Bruce Ismay, chairman of the White Star Line, which owned the Titanic, and a survivor of the sinking. Blistering news coverage accused him of cowardice for fleeing the ship while women and children remained aboard.


Mr. William Henry Harrison is said to have been a secretary or personal assistant to J. Bruce Ismay. He boarded the Titanic at Southampton with Mr. Ismay and Ismays valet Richard Fry. His grave is right next to the Unknown Child and its said he was placed there to watch over the child. In loving memory of William Henry Harrison Beloved Husband of Ann Elizabeth Harrison Who lost his life in the Titanic Disaster April 15 1912 _____ In the midst of life We are in Death


Famous Passengers Booked for the Ship's Next Voyage The Titanic’s return trip to England was scheduled to begin on April 20. Among the more famous names who had apparently booked passage: • Henry Adams, descendant of two presidents and author of “The Education of Henry Adams.” • John Alden Dix, then governor of New York.(above) • J. Bruce Ismay, managing director of the White Star Line. A survivor of the Titanic disaster, Ismay was portrayed as a villain in many accounts.