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Anna Nicole Smith aka Vickie Lynn Marshall, shot to fame overnight after her appearance on the Playboy cover in May 1992. Though she went on to became a successful model and TV personality her personal life was not as much alluring. She married first at 17 and later went on to marry tycoon J Howard Marshall who was 63 years older to her. She died at age 37 apparently owing to drug overdose and an overwhelming depression after the death of her 20-year-old son. At the time of her death she was…


J. Howard Marshall II made a fortune in oil, but he is best remembered for his May-December marriage to Anna Nicole Smith. Learn more at


Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall get married on June 27th at White Dove Wedding Chapel in Houston. He is 89; she is 26. This also gets publicity in ads in Europe for clothing retailer H&M.


Dannielynn Birkhead may be finally entitled to some of the fortune left by Anna Nicole Smiths late husband J. Howard Marshall 251x350 photo


Actress/Personality Anna Nicole Smith, 26, married J. Howard Marshall, 89, in 1994. Though she reportedly never lived with him, Smith maintained that she loved her husband, and age did not matter to her. Thirteen months after his marriage to Smith, Marshall died at age 90


high and tight - Jake Gyllenhaal cool hairstyle should go 0 on the back and sides and then get it long on top then get 8 on top

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Best Baby Shower Gifts

Almost as exciting as having your own, when a friend or family member announces that their expecting, one of the best parts is buying baby shower gifts for the new addition. Who doesn’t love to shop for beautiful toys, cute baby clothes, or items off of the family’s new baby checklist. Instead of going the same old gift route, why not try some of these baby shower gift ideas instead.