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May is doing EVERYTHING right as Britain heads for EU-exit, says Brexit MP

THE Prime Minister has been hailed by Jacob Rees Mogg for refusing to give a blow-by-blow account of Brexit negotiations as she leads Britain out of the EU.


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As Jacob Rees Mogg said, we must purge the parliament for delivering Brexit and we'll do it.


Tory MP brands EU chief 'an arrogant bureaucrat' following his attack on Boris Johnson

Jacob Rees Mogg MP savages Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England over Brexit figures - YouTube. ATTENTION CANADA !!!!!!! Thanks a bunch for sending us this guy. No wonder you got rid of him. He's getting something like £800,000 a year out of us I believe and all he can do is insult us with his EUrophile views. Please offer him a job back there. Don't send us anything like this again; send it to the EU instead!!!!! jp.