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Jade Hollyoaks

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Hollyoaks: Sally pushes Myra down the stairs? Plus Peri gets revenge on Jade

And Reenie makes a return in time for the trial

The actress did well - creepy az and I cried at the end. Credit: This part of Hollyoaks Later scared me. Jade Hedy- Killed in Hollyoaks Later, 2013 2nd person of the Cast Massacre Jade’s bunny-boiling behaviour was brought to a end after being on the wrong end of a knife during a tussle with Tilly.

Peri Lomax & Jade Albright , Hollyoaks ♥

Jade & Sonia Albright, Hollyoaks ♥

Jade & Sonia Albright , Hollyoaks ♥

Jade Albright & Alfie Nightingale , Hollyoaks ♥

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Hollyoaks: Jade Albright's final tragic scenes to air tonight- watch the preview clip

The young teenager's battle with cancer comes to an end

POLL: 'Hollyoaks' What's your thoughts on Jade Albright dying in a tragic end to the cancer storyline? POLL: 'Hollyoaks' What's your thoughts on Jade Albright dying in a tragic end to the cancer storyline? Earlier this week the popular cast members officially confirmed the news that fans had been dreading - Jade won't win her brave battle against cancer. It's now been confirmed that Jade's final episode will air at the end of next week when she and her boyfriend Alfie Nightingale…

Hollyoaks Spoilers -- October 3-7 2016 Hollyoaks Spoilers -- October 3-7 2016 Find out what's coming on next on Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks day-by-day for the week of October 3rd to 7th. Julie's 50 Years of Marriage As they continue to work through their 50 Years of Marriage bucket list Alfie sets up a green screen so he can take some holiday snaps with Jade before her hospital appointment. He suggests the Nightingales and Osborne's go on a safari together but hes stunned when Marnie…


Callum Kane- 2013 1st member of the hollyoaks cast massacre Killed in Hollyoaks Later by the psychotic Jade Hedy after impaling him with a sword on his way to save Esther Bloom. This death was very similar a to Andy Holts a few years back,his death also starred in hollyoaks later. Oh poor Callum!