National Symbols of Jamaica features clockwise from top left: National Bird — Red-billed Streamertail Jamaica's Coat of Arms National Flower – Lignum vitae National Hero - Marcus Garvey (1887-1940) National Tree — Blue Mahoe Jamaican meal of Ackee and Saltfish National Fruit — Ackee Flag of Jamaica National Motto — "Out of Many, One People." Map of Jamaica

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Jamaica Flag Black iPhone 5 Case. This Case is Made of High Grade Black Gloss Plastic - Very Durable and Lightweight. Precision Molded Case Perfectly Fits All iPhone 5 - No Matter What Service Provider You Are With. iPhone 5 Case Measures 4.87" x 2.37" - This gloss black frame provides great protection to all iPhone 5 models for every cellular service. Image is Imprinted in the USA! Colors will not fade or discolor over time. Makes a great gift for anyone with an iPhone 5.

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Acrylic Jamaica Flag ring; comes in various sizes ranging from Small, Medium and Large.

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