Jamberry Nails! https://www.facebook.com/jenniferbauckman.jamberrynails OR http://jenniferbauckman.jamberrynails.net/

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Having trouble with your Jamicure? Here are some Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks for loving your Jams! https://kvandervegt.jamberry.com

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Helpful Jamberry application tip for bubbling wraps! Jess Mullen, Independent Jamberry Nail Consultant - Shop at: http://jessmullen.jamberrynails.net

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The tape trick! How to trim Jamberry nail wraps if you've got extras that you'd like to make work for your fingernails.

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The tried and true method of how to press and seal your Jamberry Wraps to avoid any buckling at the tips or on the sides for those with rounded or curvy nails. Great for anyone though! Purchase your Jamberry Nail Wraps at https://nacole.jamberry.com/

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