Which MCU character are you? < I got Iron Man You’re very arrogant, but only because you’ve accomplished so many cool things in your life. You can be a prick, but you’re willing to sacrifice everything you have to help other people.

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©Berunov on Tumblr #CreditTheArtist Please leave artist's name on if repining

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I pinned this to SPN because I swore it was Sam before enlarging the image...

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Colonel James Rhodes Rhodey War Machine Iron Patriot Iron Man James Buchanan Barnes Bucky Barnes avengers marvel mcu

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Okay but what if Bucky has the Cap Build-A-Bear (he named it “Steve Jr.”)

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Tears. All tears. And the C, H, I, and E parts of machine are faded out and that's what makes it even sadder.

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It has been put into words, and I am now crying enough to fill Lake Lanier

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Lightning Strikes<<He is writing down everything he remembers just in case he forgets everything again... Now I will cry

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