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A great picture of James Drury! Originally from Oregon. Remembering "The Virginian"

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James Drury, the star of "The Virginian," is shown in this undated photo taken in Salem with his parents, Beatrice and James Drury Sr. Drury grew up in both Salem and New York, where his father was a professor.

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James Drury, The Virginian. We met twice. Once when he was in the ER at the hospital where I worked in Dallas. He later told me it was the worst pain of his life- kidney stones. A nice man.

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The Virginian shares his feelings about his father. "I once knew a man who could barely write his own name, but he could talk to the birds, he could tell where a mountain cat walked across a bed of pine needles, he could tell his age by the trees, the weather by his bones—after he got old, that is. I always considered him to be a poet."

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James Drury ("The Virginian" - 1962-1971 - in Germany: "Die Leute von der Shilo-Ranch")

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THE VIRGINIAN, Lee Cobb, Roberta Shore, Clu Galager, Doug McClure, Randy Boone, James Drury, 60's, TV

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James Drury The Virginian Original 8x10" Photo #L6110

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