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JAMES V., King of Scotland, son of James IV. and his Queen Margaret Tudor, was born at Linlithgow on the 10th of April 1512, and became king when his father was killed at Flodden in 1513, and Mary of Guise or Mary of Lorraine] (1515-1560), daughter of Claude, Duke of Guise, and widow of Louis of Orleans, Duke of Longueville. Parents of Mary, Queen of Scots.


James V (1512 - 1542). King of Scotland from 1513 to his death in 1542. He did not tolerate Protestantism in his court, and persecuted those who followed the new faith. He married twice and had one surviving daughter with his second wife.


James V (1512 - 1542). Son of James IV and Margaret Tudor. He married twice and had one surviving daughter by his second wife, Mary of Guise.


James V, King of Scotland James V, father of Mary Queen of Scots, was the only surviving son of James IV and Margaret Tudor and was born on or around 10th April, 1512 at the Palace of Linlithgow in West Lothian. He became King in 1513 at 17 months old on the death of his father in battle against the English on Flodden field.


James V (King James V of Scotland) by Richard Burchett(circle of) Palace of Westminster Date painted: 1854–1860 Oil on panel, 182.8 x 91.4 cm Collection: Palace of Westminster

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The Death of Margaret Tudor: No Will to Support Her Wishes

A 16th century dual portrait of the parents of Mary, Queen of Scots: King James V of Scotland (son of Margaret Tudor) and Queen Marie de Guise.


Not, "Mary, Queen of Scots was born in December 1542 in Linlithgow Palace." Paulus Moreelse Girl 1623 105.3 x 82.3 cm Oil on canvas National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin


James IV (1473 - 1513). King of Scotland from 1488 to his death in 1513. He is regarded as the most successful of the Stewart monarchs. He was last monarch of Scotland to be killed in battle. He died in the Battle of Flodden Field when he tried to invade England. He married Margaret Tudor and had four sons.


Stirling Castle, Scotland. Built right on top an extinct volcano, a castle has stood there since roman times. as a wedding present from King James V of Scotland to his wife, drastic remodeling was done. Sadly, she died shortly after the wedding, but he marched on and handed it to his next, more famous wife, Mary of Guise, the mother of Mary, Queen of Scots.


The birth of James V of Scotland (1513-1542) on this day 10th April, 1512. He allied his country with France against the English. He became king at the age of 17 months