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I was googling Janet Reno and found a lot of mindless and unkind comments and "jokes" about her appearance. Attorney General, people. Don't be so lame.

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March 11, 1993 Janet Reno is confirmed by the United States Senate and sworn in the next day, becoming the first female Attorney General of the United States.

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#RIP Janet Reno (1938-2016) "Janet Reno led with her values. And that meant that if she decided that a certain path was the right thing to do, the people around her believed her and would charge up any hill behind her. ... I'd never seen that before in quite the same way." - former Deputy Attorney General Gorelick http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/11/07/348021773/janet-reno-first-female-u-s-attorney-general-dies-at-78

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Janet Reno, born in 1938, attended Cornell and Harvard Law School. Her work in Florida as an attorney and as county prosecutor from 1978 to 1993 established Reno's stern and liberal reputation. In 1993, she was appointed U.S. Attorney General by President Bill Clinton, becoming the first woman to hold that post. Despite controversy, including the siege on the Branch Davidians at Waco, TX., she soon became one of the most respected members of the Clinton administration, serving until 2001.

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A newspaper article about the Senate confirmation hearings for Janet Reno to become the nation’s first female attorney general, published in the Trenton Evening Times (Trenton, New Jersey), 10 March 1993. Read more on the GenealogyBank blog: “11 March 1993: Janet Reno Becomes 1st Female U.S. Attorney General.” http://blog.genealogybank.com/11-march-1993-janet-reno-becomes-1st-female-u-s-attorney-general.html

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attorney general janet reno | Attorney General Janet Reno testifies before the Senate Governmental ...

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USA: OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING: JANET RENO NEWS CONFERENCE - http://bestnewsarchive.ca/usa-oklahoma-city-bombing-janet-reno-news-conference/

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