Mrs. Baird? JANEY GODLEY - Scottish actress, comedienne, author, playwright & journalist. Great weekly podcast with her daughter Ashley Storrie (certainly not for the faint hearted).

We are so excited to have Janey on Sunday! JANEY GODLEY - Scottish actress, comedienne, author, playwright & journalist

Handstands In The Dark: A True Story of Growing Up and Survival: Janey Godley: 9780091908775: Books

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It Might Get Ugly - Scots comic Janey Godley tells the true story of how she became a political prostitute and met Margaret Thatcher...

Have a HAPPY HOLIDAY, FESTIVE SEASON OR CHRISTMAS, HANUKA, KWANZAA, HOBBITTONHOLIDAY, SATURNALIA. Whatever you celebrate that floats your seasonal boat has a good one. Oh and Batamology forgot about that one From Janey Godley, Ashley Storrie & Our Web Team.

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Janey Godley v Donald Trump, the police and a Harry Potter premiere

Jongleurs Comedy Club LIVE at Dundee Rep on 11th October featuring Janey Godley, Chris Henry, Bruce Devlin and John Gavin!

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