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'land peel' is a furniture developed by japanese industrial design student shin yamashita from the kyoto institute of technology.

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Retrofuturism Revisited: The Past Imagines the Future

In 1936, Japanese magazine Shonen Club published World Transportation Invention Competition — an illustrated series envisioning the future of transportation, based on concepts by inventors from around the world.

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Hamburg Steak (Hambāgu)

Hamburg Steak or Hambāgu (ハンバーグ) as the Japanese like to call it, is probably the most popular entrée to stick in a bento lunch in Japan. Although it’s unclear exactly when this dish was introduced to Japan, it presumably comes from the American Salisbury steak, which is named after its inventor Dr. J. H. Salisbury.


Japanese inventor's typhoon turbines harness storms' energy -


Chinese Tea Set <3 ,ummmhmm thats classy >.


70-year-old inventor Zhou Miaorong tries out an evacuation slide he built himself in a building in Shanghai


Urban Material: aço inoxidável Design: Tsubame Shinko Para: Tsubame Shinko

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Quiet Please! SpeechJammer Device Cuts You Off in Mid-Sentence [VIDEO]

[brightcove video="1483288688001" /] Japanese inventors, presumably looking for some peace and quiet, have invented SpeechJammer -- a device that can instantly shut down a person's ability to speak. You might be familiar with that odd echo when your speech is played back to you immediately ...


GEN H-4 Helicopter To Take Flight in Leonardo da Vinci's Hometown

World's Smallest Helicopter Ready For a Spin ... see more at


japanese inventions at their best... chindogu is the creation of something that is needed but ultimately useless. There are firm rules about chindogu, but most of all, its lovely! cred goes to weirdworm.