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Japanese Whisky

Kikori Rice Whiskey isn’t “bad” per-say, but it is incredibly light and has a spirity nature that resides alongside the sake like sweetness all the way through. It’s etherial and lacks any real oomph, depth or complexity, though it’s miles above it’s first iteration. That first release was some of the worst whisky I’ve ever had and to see this come along so well is encouraging.


For relaxing times, make it Hibiki time. Shinjiro Torii, the father of Japanese Whisky founded Suntory in 1923 by opening the first distillery in Japan, called Yamazaki.


This Japanese whisky from the award-winning Nikka Distillery has a floral aroma with a touch of orange peel and apricots.


Yamazaki 18 is another one of those highly lauded and hard to find Japanese whiskies that people seem to go ga-ga for… and this time it’s warranted. Everything I said about the Yamazaki 12 years being a good but unexciting whisky does not apply to the Yamazaki 18 – this is a dynamic and exciting whisky. I want a whole bottle of this.

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Japan beats Scotland to win world’s best whiskey title

Japan beats Scotland to win world’s best whiskey title | Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013

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THE WHISKEY Talk about getting his holiday spirits up. Suntory Hakushu 12-Year Single Malt Japanese Whisky

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Japanese Whisky Collins

Japanese Whisky Collins -a Better Happier St. Sebastian